I'm Just a Teenage Dirtbag, Baby

With all this fever in my mind, I could drown in your kerosene eyes

Manchester Orchestra – Where Have You Been? (3,221 plays)

They call holidays an option for a reason
I heard you’re coming back to life just for the fourth
I’ve been catching all your ghosts for every season
I pray to god you won’t come back here anymore

Somos – Dead Wrong (171 plays)

Dowsing – Terminals (2,403 plays)

I wish things were better here right now

People say a lot of things they don’t understand

You say you love the flowers and trees, but do you even know their names?

You say you care about land but do you recycle? Do you pick the garbage up off the street as you walk along it?

What do you cultivate?
What do you grow?

You say you care about the moon, but do you even know her cycle?

You say you love the stars but could you recognize a constellation?

You say you want change but you don’t know where to start.