I'm Just a Teenage Dirtbag, Baby
Tiny Moving Parts – Sundress (4,174 plays)

Grab my hand let’s dance
Like we used to in high school
These are the golden years
So spend them holding beers
One hand on the can 
One hand in your hand
That’s my idea of romance

I love you, at least I used to

Transit – Footwork (313 plays)

You can paint a wall but you can’t cover up the cracks,
And things will never change until you change the way you look at it

Now, Now – But I Do (26,703 plays)

I am what you need when you can’t find it somewhere else
I am what you want when you don’t have anything else

La Dispute – Woman (Reading) (17,429 plays)

And I pause where I am for a second when I hear your name
Sometimes I think I see your face in improbable places
Do those moments replay for you?
When I’m suddenly there and then won’t go away
When you’re sitting in the living room reading for the afternoon
Do you put your book down, look and try to find me there?

(via casualkarma)

sunstained – Bad Dreams (37 plays)

You’re just a bad dream, 
I never woke up