I'm Just a Teenage Dirtbag, Baby
Every Time I Die – Moor (1,205 plays)

So I make believe, 
That I discovered peace,
But I skinned the man alive

Sloan – Coax Me (453 plays)

Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me

And after he died
By rights she’d have cried
I gave mine away
I gave mine away

I saw a widow’s peak on her forehead
It was full of lines and sinkers

Joyce Manor – The Jerk (140 plays)

I wanna see what’s going on over your shoulder,
But it all goes wrong
Don’t say goodbye 
Say you’re not sure anything could ever come between the two of us
I would say the same thing

With a sunrise and a sunset there’s a change of heart or address is there nothing that remains?